La Estrella (star) Mexican lotería quilted, appliquéd, framed art 12×16


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When I was a child, my siblings and I would go to my grandmother’s house and play Lotería. Lotería is from Mexico and is like bingo, but instead of numbers and letters, images are used that are common in Mexico. A deck of cards is used with all the images represented. These cards have become iconic cultural images that are often seen on folk art. All the images bring back wonderful memories that I have used for these appliquéd pieces.

Each Lotería piece is created from fabric appliqués which have been carefully cut out and applied to fabric backgrounds by sewing around all the edges. All the fabric is high quality cotton. The batik fabrics used have subtle variations in color. The lettering is handwritten using permanent fabric pens. I sew on some beads for additional interest. The entire area is quilted to add dimension. After the quilting is completed, the finished piece is attached to a canvas frame.

This piece is made up of fabrics in shades of blue except for the contrasting off white. I used a decorative double-stitch to illustrate the rays of the star. I also like how the center of the star is actually raised up in the center.

Each item is signed and numbered as each piece is unique.

This is so light you can just place it over a push pin. (Do not place this on a wall that gets sunlight or eventually the fabric will fade.)

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